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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Novel #2, Shadow Knights

After bombarding a number of publishers with my recent flurry of short fiction, I've resumed work on my second novel, tentatively titled, "Shadow Knights."  I figured it was time to give those folks a breather so they can cut all those checks to me, or more likely, send some big dudes over (some of whom may be ninjas) to kick my ass.  

Wait... what about my first novel, "Dragon Rising," you ask (ok, you didn't really ask).  Dragon Rising was intended as a teen level novel, but I'm having trouble restraining my unrelenting thirst for blood and sex, and as a result, I'm having trouble keeping it in the "teen appropriate" range.  There's a story to be told, but I may need to retool Dragon Rising for an adult audience (Which is a shame, since I think I have a real talent for juvenile humor.  I had included a character named the Dread Lady Dick Puncher.  Still makes me giggle.)

Anyway...  Shadow Knights has always been my "baby."  I know all of you are familiar with my bio (ok, no you're not).  I spent a great deal of time as an undergrad and graduate student researching Native American history and culture.  Shadow Knights is a fantasy novel set in an alternate North America and the characters are Native Americans.  I've borrowed words, names, and cultural practices from a variety of Native American nations (and I worked in some Sanskrit words, just to mix it up).  I've also created a world with a modern economy based entirely on magic (e.g. no electricity, no internal combustion engines, no computers).

There's lots of sex, mayhem, and shit getting blown up (some of my favorite things).  And yes, there's a fair amount of juvenile humor. Can't wait, right?

Oh!  Speaking of sex, mayhem, and blowing shit up, I just learned my upcoming story, "Blessed are the Sowers," is going to get a "for adult audiences" warning from Daily Science Fiction (appearing July 28th for subscribers, a week later for everyone else).  I think that's awesome!!!   The exact language of the warning the editors wrote is pretty cool, and I think I'm going to make it my tag line once the story goes live.


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  1. Shadow Knights sounds really interesting! Let me know if you ever need a beta reader.