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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Blessed are the Sowers" goes live (7/28) at Daily Science Fiction

My story, "Blessed are the Sowers," goes live at Daily Science Fiction.  It will be emailed to subscribers tomorrow (7/28) and will be available to all others a week later.

The story comes with the following adult content warning:

This is not the most violent story, nor the most sexually explicit, that Daily Science Fiction has published. Still, both elements exist, sufficiently so that the most sensitive among our imaginative readers may wish to steer clear. We hope you don't, of course.

While I'm proud of everything I've had published (yes, even the silly stuff), this is my first "pro" rate publication, and I'm particularly enthusiastic about it.  It's a flash piece (1000 words), and I've found that I like doing flash pieces.  I was never very interested in writing poetry, but flash fiction reminds me a bit of doing poetry: you must make every word count.

People will be able to comment on the story at:

So... you can expect me to become involved in a vicious flame war shortly after.


  1. Hi Robert,

    I am a subscriber at Daily Science Fiction and just received your story this morning. I wanted to pop by to congratulate and thank you for an excellent science fiction piece!

    Without giving away spoilers for those who haven't read the story yet (but they should, and soon!) I was left with the lasting feeling that the humans in the story were more alien in behaviour than the Twil. Given the circumstances, I think this is a very real view of how humanity might appear in a situation such as that described in the story and it was refreshing to see an author be so bold as to describe it.

    All this to say congratulations and best wishes in your future writing!


    C.G. Leclair

  2. Hi Robert,

    I just wanted to say that, if you desire a flame war, you're going to have to start being less nice to the one person criticising your story! For the benefit of others, I said on Facebook's Daily Science Fiction page:

    [Q]I put my hand around the alpha's throat. "Say what we are." The alpha croaked, "Human." I clapped my hands. "English! Wonderful!"[/Q] Also, [/immersion], although I found it hammy right from the get go. This one reads like some teenager's angry-young-man/I'll-have-​sex-with-girls-please fantasy. Just an opinion, naturally.

    ‎...I mean, it is possible to "clap your hands around" something, but when that thing is a person's neck it's usually the end of a conversation, not the middle.

    All I can say is, your response to my writing was more gentlemanly than mine was to yours.

    Best of luck with the rest of your writing, and I can't wait to meet your salty mum.

  3. C. G.,

    Glad you liked the story. I appreciate the comments.


    Lamest flame war EVER! :-) (and I appreciate your comments too)

    Without at least ONE mildly critical (perfectly valid) comment I couldn't have run my salty mom gag. I even forgive you for the wild accusation that I can be "gentlemanly."

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